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About the author:

Michael Winn is a writer from Melbourne, Australia. He has degrees in both journalism and primary school teaching, and has worked for It Gets Better Australia to raise awareness and promote hope for members of the LGBTIQ+ community who suffer with mental health issues. He has also been profiled in The Age, The Herald Sun and other media outlets for the work he is doing to further equality in Australia and around the world. He has written seven children's books.











"I wrote Peter the Perfect Peacock for my nephew for his first birthday. I wanted to give him a story with messages I felt were important to instill in him as he began his life.
For both my nephew, and children everywhere around the world, I wanted a story that let them know that they are perfect exactly the way they are. At times they may feel different to the people around them, but that should never be a cause for concern, because there is no better feeling than being celebrated for being exactly who you are."

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