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  • Who is Peter?
    Peter is a peacock dreamt up by author Michael Winn, who wanted to write a children's book of his own for his nephew on his 1st birthday. Fast-forward five years and Michael has written a new book for every birthday since, and he's decided to let you all get your hands on a copy! The Peter the Perfect Peacock series are kid's books that explore such themes as self-acceptance, happiness, friendship and learning. Team these themes with incredible illustrations, and you've got yourself a book that kids will love, and adults will love giving them!
  • What ages can read Peter?
    Peter really can be for any age! The 0-2s will love all the colourful pictures, The 2-5s will love hearing the stories, The 6+s will love practicing their words, The adults will love reading the stories to their kids, neices, nephews, grandkids, friends!
  • How can I get my hands on a copy?
    Simply go to the 'Shop' bar above, and select the book you're after!
  • How much is shipping?
    Shipping around Australia is completely free! Unfortunately we do not ship overseas just yet, but stay tuned!
  • How big is the book?
    The book is 8x8 inches (that's roughly 20cm x 20cm). That's big enough for all eyes to see, but nimble enough for kids to hold by themselves.
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